Installation of Stucco Panels

Our stucco building panels can be installed in all weather conditions such as rain, snow or sub-freezing temperatures unlike concrete, masonry or EIFS. No damage will be incurred. We even offer a 20 year warranty on our panels and finish.

When installing Stucco Building Panels without blanket insulation is less than 3" in thickness, the base trim will sit flush with the building line or edge of the slab. When installing Stucco Building Panels over blanket insulation greater than 3" in thickness you have two options. The first and preferred option is to extend the slab past the base structural member by the depth of the hat channel to be used. Our hat channel is 1" deep. This allows for proper sealing to occur between the bottom of the base trim / drip cap and the building slab. This will help protect the structural base member from early corrosion. The second option is to hold the structural base member at the slab edge and let the hat channels extend beyond. If this option is chosen it is recommended to fill the gap between the base trim / drip cap with backer rod and then fill the sealant.

Contact one of our Custom Panel Systems representatives for additional installation tips.