Stucco Panels vs. EIFS

Custom Panel Systems provides high-quality Stucco wall panels which offer a multitude of benefits over EIFS. Our Stucco panels are specifically designed to be a more cost effective option over the standard EIFS prices. Keeping in mind how important durability is to the construction industry, we formulated our Stucco panels to stand up to adverse weather conditions including extreme cold or heat, which EIFS are incapable of. Additionally, our panels have an expedited installation rate, taking up less labor cost and money then what standard EIFS require.

In our industry, we have heard the horror stories of what rotten and leaking EIFS have done in terms of damage to buildings. Causing lawsuits and government action. But with our Stucco wall panels, you can rest assured that our product will not rot or cause water damage from leaking. Plus, we offer a 20 year warranty on our Stucco wall panels.

Call a Custom Panel Systems representative today for additional information on the benefits of our Stucco wall panels over EIFS.